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GPSolar- Not completed

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GPSolar is a division in Greenpower with mandate to offer quality and cost effective PV solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications, making PV solutions accessible to all level of social divide and to promote as well as advocate the use of renewable energy sources to protect the environment in a sustainable manner.
This unit is headed by a very experienced engineer of over 15 years in industry and management. He has also garnered experience in working with highly skilled team of engineers and technician to deliver turnkey solar solution of any capacity in the most engineering responsive manner
We have developed expertise in the design, procurement, installation and maintenance of Solar PV systems. With over 20mw already installed, our solutions are tailored towards customer specific needs there by, offering the most cost effective and reliable system.
Our Solar Solutions include:
• Solar Powered Streetlight
• Solar Systems for Telecommunications & Information Technology
• Solar Hybrid system for gas stations
• Solar Powered Water Pumping Systems
• Solar Vaccine Refrigerator
• Solar Cathode Protection Systems
• Solar Rural Electrifications
• Solar Lighting for Offices, Homes, Clinics, Schools etc.
• Solar Emergency Lighting Systems
• Solar Powered Wind Turbines
• Solar Mini Grid Systems