IREM is an Italian company, founded in 1947, worldwide leader in design and manufacture of equipment for the control and generation of electric energy. GreenPower GP is proud to partner with IREM to deliver high quality power protection system to Nigeria market.


IREM Ministab and Sterostab Voltage Stabilisers are the most reliable solution to problems related to voltage variations in the electric network. The electric energy producers generate a correct voltage. However, failures on the distribution lines, atmospheric discharges, continuous load variations, and disturbances generated by the users make it impossible to guarantee always a steady voltage within the tolerance bandwidth stipulated in the supply contract. Very often this tolerance is insufficient for more sensitive equipment. Other times the mains voltage reaches levels that exceed the foreseen rated value by 15, 20, or even 30%. Increasingly, there is a reduction in the Power Quality level of the electrical energy made available to the end-user. IREM Ministab and Sterostab voltage stabilizers guarantee users with perfectly regulated voltage.


IREM Ecostab Voltage Optimiser is a product dedicated to Power Quality and Energy Saving. Voltage optimization is an energy-saving technology that, by operating through systematic and controlled reduction of the grid voltage, reduces the absorption of active and reactive power from the network. The average voltage value of the distribution networks is often higher than the ideal operating value for most electrical equipment. Ecostab is the Energy Economizer which, by exploiting the principle of voltage optimization, increases the level of power quality and produces energy savings measured and quantified according to the international reference standard.



IREM Line Conditioners have been designed to provide the highest level of protection to electrical appliances connected to distribution lines disturbed by sudden voltage variations, HF noises and spikes. Statistically, the phenomena that reduce the power quality of the energy supplied by the network represent more than 95% of electric anomalies that could be the cause of breakdowns and poor operation of any kind of appliance connected to distribution lines. IREM Line Conditioners guarantee maximum protection to users subject to particular power grid anomalies and drastically increase the level of power quality.


IREM Isolation Transformers IT series has been expressly designed to be used in the telecommunications sector. The supply of telecommunication plants has always entailed several problems and specific requirements difficult to meet. The difficulty of reaching the installation sites for service purposes, the exposure to atmospheric discharges, and the length of electric lines with consequent voltage drops represent critical elements that require the use of equipment expressly dedicated to this sector.

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