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Ortea is an Italian company, Founded in 1969, Ortea is a leader in the design and manufacture of innovative products and customised solutions for power quality and energy efficiency. We are the authorised representative of Ortea in Nigeria.


The voltage stabilizer is an effective solution for preventing potentially damaging situations caused by input voltage instability.
Voltage variations, even though within the tolerance admitted by the Standards, can generate operating issues.

SAG COMPENSATOROxygen Sag Compensator

60% of costs due to low power quality are attributable to voltage sags. Oxygen, thanks to a suitable sizing of the power components and a remarkable response speed (<3 milliseconds) is able to face lowering (SAG) of the grid voltage of a maximum duration of one minute.

K rated Isolation Transformer


These transformers are specifically designed and manufactured to guarantee the load protection. Isolation transformers usually provide a unit transformation ratio (e.g. 400/400V) and are used to uncouple the load from the power supply grid, as the primary and secondary windings are galvanically isolated. The typical sectors of application are telecommunication systems, data centre power supply systems, transformerless UPS power supply, bypass line protection, and public building systems.


LV Power Factor Correction SystemsPOWER FACTOR CORRECTION

Choosing the size of the power factor correction equipment is preceded by an accurate preliminary assessment of the plant’s design data and, where possible, an analysis of the electricity bills. The type of power factor correction must be chosen depending on the harmonic distortion rate of the plant’s current (THDIR%) and the ratio between reactive power (in kvar) of the power factor correction equipment to be installed and the apparent power (in kVA) of the MV/LV transformer.

Use our power factor correction calculator to find the most suitable capacitor bank power for your needs. The 4 reasons to have power factor corrections are economic convenience, Energy efficiency, Power quality and Electricity Authorities.

Active Filter


While adopting a properly selected ACTIVEmatic FA40, current and voltage harmonic distortion will dramatically reduce, and the sensitive loads will be prevented from the related troubles. These filters cancel the harmonic distortions in the plant’s current, first measuring them and then injecting the same currents but in an inverted phase.



Energy savings are achieved through the principle of voltage optimisation, a technique used to regulate energy from the national grid in a controlled manner. By lowering the voltage to an optimum level, it is possible to reduce the level of power absorbed by the system with the same performance.

The need to optimise the voltage arises from the fact that the energy as supplied by the grid operator has a voltage that fluctuates around a value (e.g., 410 V). This value is higher than what is necessary for the system and its machines to function properly. However, the grid cannot dynamically adjust the voltage to the consumers and therefore supplies the energy with cautiously high voltage values.

Voltage Optimser

Powersines ComEC by Ortea Next is a universal energy controller that can save up to 18% on the energy bill. It is installed downstream of the main switch and has the function of controlling and optimising the voltage supplied to the loads, generating immediate savings. It requires no changes to the electrical installation and can be easily connected to the power supply panels.