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     Energy Efficiency Conversion

Sunlight and water are essential to all life on earth.  GreenPower has combined these two vital factors in an exceptional pumping system: the Solar Powered Water Pumping System.  Solar Panels generate electricity directly from Sunlight, no fuel is needed.  This electricity is then used to pump water.  Solar-powered systems are especially suitable for areas that are not connected to the grid or have limited access.  Solar Water Pumping system has zero operating costs and low maintenance requirements which makes it an alternative to diesel-powered water systems in rural communities and agricultural settlements.

Although the initial capital cost of a solar-powered water pumping system is relatively higher, this cost is the only expense to be incurred in the entire life of the system since there are no running costs.  As a result, the solar system is cheaper in the long run than a diesel system.


Improved Water Supply

This is as a result of:

  • Elimination of maintenance of generators
  • Elimination of fuel quality problems
  • Greater pump reliability
  • Better systems performance

Reduced Running Costs

This is due to:

  • Elimination of diesel/petrol fuel costs
  • Elimination of diesel/petrol transportation costs
  • Lower pump maintenance costs
  • Reduced need for backup generator where there are fuel supply or repair problems;
  • Long Term Benefits

    This is a result of:

    • Longer equipment life (solar array 25 years,).  The only moving part in the solar water pumping system is a hermetically sealed stainless steel ac motor that drives the pump. The brushless motor used eliminates periodic servicing.  If servicing is ever necessary, the simplicity of the entire system and the accessibility of the motor make it a simple matter.  The only maintenance required by the solar array is periodic wiping off the dust from the surfaces of the panels.
    • Reduced logistical problems arising from non-availability of working generators
    • Reduced logistical problems arising from system shut-downs
    • Long Term reliability



Generators are commonly used to provide power beyond the public utility supply.

We have several economic studies concerning the economics of solar versus generators as a power choice.  These studies consider all costs involved: modules, mounting structure, pumps, miscellaneous components, installation, operation, maintenance, yearly inspection, component replacement, and salvage value.  With this, we can determine a life cycle cost and a present value.

Solar pump systems cost more initially than generator systems but tend to be far more economical in the long run.

Solar Electric Power systems
  • Low maintenance
  • Clean
  • No fuel needed
  • Easy to install
  • Reliable long life
  • Low recurrent costs
  • The system is modular and can be  matched closely to need
  • The relatively high initial cost
      Diesel (or gas) Power systems      ·         Moderate capital costs ·         Can be portable ·         Extensive experience available ·         Easy to install  ·         Needs maintenance and replacement ·         Maintenance often inadequate, inadequate, reducing life ·         Fuel often expensive and supply intermittent ·         Noise, dirt and fume problem ·         Site visits necessary

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