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Solar Rural Electrification

We generate  electricity through Solar energy source  to power  rural homes, rural clinics, religion center, community center, small cartage industries, etc, this solution takes three different formats as highlighted below

  • Solar Battery charge station ( SBCS)
  • Standalone system.
  • Distributed Solar Power Plant

Meanwhile, either or both designs can be implemented depending on the community settlement layout, concentrated, scattered or l settlement.

Solar  Battery Charge Station (SBCS).                     

SBCS is a centralized charging station where batteries are charged and recharged at a central location in a community {like a fuel station} where users can recharge their storage battery at the control and subsidized price.  The beneficiaries will be provided with equipment that will exclude the solar modules; these pieces of equipment are of two models. 

  • Model: GP/RP01. – Basic system
  • Model: GP/RP02. – Standard system.

Please note that these models were designed based on our projections, we can design models to meet your requirements.

Either of these equipment will be installed at the users’ resident, the user will be recharging their storage battery at the SBCS.

It is recommended that one charging station can support 50 households depending on capacity.



This is a typical solar homes system which provides charging facility at individual household contrary to the battery charging stations where a user must take their storage battery to the station for a recharge. Here the storage battery receives charges every day from the solar cell installed on the roof. This system is restricted to only two models in this proposal due to its relatively higher procurement cost.  This system design is a more sustainable option because users do not have to worry about moving the storage battery form their homes to BCS for recharge.

Distributed (Mini Grid)  Standalone System

We generate the electricity at a central point in the community and distribute accordingly through a mini-grid to power rural homes, public facilities and street lights

Our Solar standalone solution can be used to bridge the energy gaps and to address energy poverty in rural communities, a hybrid system can also be designed to combine energy from the sun and energy from the wind using solar panels and wind turbines. This design is most appropriate for a fairly large rural community where the power requirement is high.

 “helping to embrace a cleaner and environmentally friendly energy source like Solar in combating climate change and power shortage in Nigeria.”  

“Our Solar Solutions help address

SDG 7 and 10


is access to clean and affordable energy and reduce inequality respectively”

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