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energyGreenPower GP Energy storage solution can be used to increase energy independence for homeowners, Businesses, Residential and Industries Estates, etc by utilizing a density containerized energy battery bank to store and supply power as at when needed. This solution is most suitable for organizations with high power demand such as Hospitals, Universities, utility companies, Government and commercial buildings, factories, etc. 

To optimize self-consumption, the battery is automatically charged and discharged to meet consumption needs and reduce the amount of power purchased from the grid and also ensures sustainability

This solution adopts all-in-one integration technology. Its inverter adopts an integrated DC distribution cabinet design with a smaller footprint, which greatly shortens the construction time of power plants. Its transportation, installation, and maintenance are one-stop completed.

Our PV Energy Storage Power station offers a profitable, long-term investment with comparatively low risk and short time Return on Investment. What energy audit of your facilities? its free call Now.

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