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Best Renewable Energy Company in Nigeria > SOLAR POWERED VACCINE REFRIGERATORS.


Solar Direct Drive refrigerators deliver the same reliable performance as the mains-powered version without any need for battery storage during off-peak operations, that is overnight or in low light conditions, etc

This refrigerators guarantee never to freeze vaccines and never to expose them to elevated temperatures. Vaccines are kept safe in the absence of any power supply for days, and days, at a constant 43°C ambient.

"The most innovative new cold chain technology of the year” - SureChill

We partner with Surechill,  the world’s best innovative cooling technology company to deliver a wide range of Solar Direct Drive SDD refrigerators to meet everyday cooling needs across different sectors.

  • Medical
  • Afri-food
  • beverage
  • Retail
  • Animal production
  • Home appliances

Sure Chill was named as the award winner at the prestigious Global Cold Chain Forum in Boston, USA. The award, which received entries from around the world, was judged by a panel of industry-leading experts from Merck, Novartis, US Pharmacopeia and others.

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