Introduce the Pay as You Go Mbox Solar Home System – the ultimate power and entertainment solution for every home. With an 80W 18V Poly Crystalline Solar Panel and a 5m cable, this system ensures you have enough power to keep all your devices charged and ready to go. The 12.8V 24Ah LiFePO4 battery provides a reliable source of power, even on cloudy days.

The Mbox also comes with 4x 3W LED bulbs with 5m cables, making it an ideal lighting solution for any home or business. The 5m cables allow you to place the lights wherever you need them. Plus, with 2x 5-in-1 phone charging cables, you can charge all your devices with ease.

In addition to power, the Mbox also provides entertainment for your family and loved ones. It includes a built-in radio, a torch, a 16-inch fan, and a 24-inch TV. The fan will keep you cool and comfortable while enjoying your favorite TV shows or movies on the 24-inch screen. The torch will come in handy when you need light in the dark, and the radio will keep you entertained with your favorite music.

Don’t have the money to pay upfront? No problem. We offer a Pay as You Go option, allowing you to buy now and pay little by little over a period of 1 year. we believe that your comfort is more important than anything else.

Order now and experience the ultimate power and entertainment freedom with the Mbox Solar Home System!

Additional information


80W 18V Poly Crystalline with 5m cable;
12.8V 24Ah LiFePO4;
4×3W LED bulbs with 5m cable;
2×5-in-1 phone charging cable;
1× 16inch fan
1× 24inch TV

Model: K088T3

Home Lighting

Phone Charging

Bedroom Lighting

Hang on the wall

How to Recharge

Make a payment.

Receive a recharge code on your phone.

Enters the code on the keypad of the product.

The product is unlocked and can be used.


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