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"We are Solar Independent Power Producer 5KW to 5MW"

Our outdoor Independent Solar Power plant provides electricity to remote, offsite and off-grid locations. The containerized system is pre-installed and tested, ready to be delivered to your location like a conventional fossil fuel generator.

The system is designed to prevent theft as all the system components (inverters, batteries, charge controller, distribution panel) are well secured in a well-ventilated metal container while the solar array is securely installed on the container minimizing civil works.

These Solar Power Plants are scaled from 2KW to 5MW, we can, therefore, deploy 5KW, 10KW, 15KW, 20KW,  100KW, 500KW, 1MW, and 5 MW depending on the power requirement of your application. The output voltage can be single or three phases.

This cost-effective solution is suitable for outdoor, offsite, small or large scale power demand applications such as :

  • Telecommunications Base Stations
  • Offsite ATM Machines for Banks
  • Fuel dispensing Stations
  • Field Military Formations.
  • Real Estate
  • Rural Hospitals
  • Eco-Friendly Hotels
  • Farm settlement
  • Off-grid commercial and industrial applications

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