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solar GreenPower GP Hybrid power Plant is designed to reduce the operational cost associated with diesel & gas turbines and ensure regular sustainable power supply to off-takers in industries and residential estates. Our Hybrid Power Plant effectively combine diesel or gas plant with renewable energy sources like photovoltaic, solar thermal and wind, whether for mini-grid or a large commercial application, GreenPower is adequately experienced and positioned to design, install and commission a power plant suitable for your specific needs.

There is no doubt that we all face the challenges of inadequate power supply from the grid, crazy and exploitative electricity bill and of course unexpected fuel scarcity, our solar hybrid solutions have been carefully and professionally designed to overcome these challenges.

We understand that you have diesel generators as an alternative power source but you will agree with us that generator is more of a liability as you are subjected to daily fuelling and monthly maintenance service, our solution is an asset because sunshine is free and maintenance is minor. A study has shown that solar pays itself back in less than 5 years.

we have customized solutions for gas stations, hotels, data centers, medical centers, educational centers, etc.

years with little or no maintenance required.


The benefit of this system cannot be overemphasized, there are economic benefits, social benefits, environmental benefits, technological benefits just to mention but a few

However, the summary of the benefit you can derive from our solar security light is highlighted as follows

*Environmental friendly as the system does not emit any fume, toxic or non-toxic to the environment.

*Zero operational cost. (i.e X amount spent on diesel monthly will be reduced by up to 50%)

*Equipment long life span, ( modules are over 25 years, batt over 5 years, LED over 18,000 hours or 4 years)

Other Benefits

*No dredging through existing road, sidewalks or landscape

*Automatic operations (dusk-to-dawn )

*Easily and quickly deployed in almost any location.

*NO wiring run from the grid

*NO cuts through existing roads, sidewalks or landscaping.

*Little or NO Maintenance

*NO Utility bill

*Full system warranty. ( 1 year)

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