Power System Products
Modular UPS (10-500kVA)
Power+ Classic is an electrically and mechanically modular 10-100KVA UPS system, uniquely designed to grow flexibly as power requirements grow. Easily upgradable on-site through addition of plug-and-play 10KVA modules, Power+ offers the optimal combination, of efficieny economy, and usability. Other modular systems include: Power+ Premium, Power+ Centric and Mega +.
Standalone Three Phase UPS (10-250kVA)
(a) True Double Conversion Online topology
(b) Online batteries, no transfer time to batteries
(c) Precise DC voltage regulation of 1% give or take
(d) Full Microprocessor Control
(e) Variety of options, configurable from panel
(f) Output Isolation transformer
(g) DC Soft-Start
(h) Enlarged charger for longer backup time
Standalone Single Phase UPS(1-10kVA)
(a) True Double Conversion Online topology
(b) Online batteries, no transfer time to batteries
(c) Precise DC voltage regulation of 1% give or take
(d) Full Microprocessor Control
Power+ SA (Standalone/Tower 10kVA)
(a) Lightweight and compact design, weighing only 18kg
(b) Flexible use - available in 3/3, 3/1 and 1/1 phase configurations
(c) Great performance:
     (i) High effieciency AC/AC: 96%
     (ii) Low input THDi: <5%
     (iii) Input PF of 1
     (iv) Backlight LCD
(h) Available also in 208v with UL conformity.
(i) Mainly used for small & Medium sized applications, as well as an OEM component for large     devices ( such as Medical CT products)

Telecom Power Systems - 1U DC+
The 1U DC+ power system provides clean DC power to sensitive equipment while simultaneously charging the battery bank, and supplies backup power during mains failure. The 1U DC+ contains a 19" 1 U subrack that can house up to 3 hot-plugged rectifiers, or 2 rectifiers + controller and an ELVD device. Max system capacity: Up to 13 subrack (38 rectifiers + controller), 1266 A with height of 13 U.
Main Features:
     (a) Very high efficiency: 96%
     (b) 100A for each 1U shelf
     (c) Intelligent power module, digitally controlled
     (d) One to three hot-swap rectifiers in each shelf
     (e) Active current sharing among rectifiers
     (f) Universal input voltage
     (g) A built-in dual 70 A Electronic Low Voltage Disconnect device (ELVD) for
          battery protection

Telecom DC/AC Inverters
The IPU1000 series employs high-frequency PWM technology and a microprocessor that controls all operations and diagnostics. (IPU1000 can also be used as a stand-alone unit). The series is characterized by small size, light weight parallel ability, redundancy, efficiency and reliability. Synchronization is accomplished by purely digital means, with advanced circuitry. Its high frequency conversion enables the use of very small components. The entire system can be connected to a static switch unit to provide a bypass path to an alternative AC source.
Main Features:
(a) Employs high frequency PWM technology
(b) A microprocessor controls all
(c) Diagnostics and operation
(d) Power density (2kVA in 1U 19" shelf; 1kVA in 1U 9.5" cabinet)
(e) Lightweight, High efficiency, Transformerless design
(f) Standalone or parallel operation
(g) Parallel capability for N+1 redundancy, Continuous input DC current
(h) 9.5″ width at 1U height (two modules fit in a 19″ rack)
(i) Real-time LED that indicates the inverter status
(j) 7-segment display shows input DC voltage, output AC voltage, and output current
Telecom DC/DC Converters
This DC-DC converter module converts a nominal 48V (42V-61.5V) into 24V (25A maximum) accurate voltage at the output. The unit comes with the option to set several similar modules in parallel in order to gain more power and redundant operation (N+1).

The DC Transformers are protected against input low/high voltage, output over-voltage, over temperature and output overload or shorting (short circuit). Each unit is Hot-Swap, 3 units in a 1U, 19″ shelf (total 1,800W per shelf).
Mini DC/DC Converter - Features
(a) Capacity: up to 600W
(b) Input/output voltages: 24/48 VDC
(c) Modular operation N+1
(d) Including an LVD
Control and Management Systems
In the changing and dynamic business world, data centers are the core of every organization. For optimum result, data centers should be kept free of power fluctuations, environmental changes, physical intrusions and other mishap to prevent chaos. The Management and Monitoring systems for the operational parameters of data centers include - the G4 and the G-Eye devices.
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